Little Niangua Nature Cabin

Close up view of yellow and black butterfly sitting on small pebbles

Specials and Packages

For unique weekend getaways in the Missouri Ozarks, be sure to check out these specials at the Little Niangua Nature Cabin. If you choose to BYOK (Bring Your Own Kayak), we will drop you off with your gear and kayak, four miles upstream and you float down to the gravel bar next to our property. With the BnB option, we offer four themed nature hikes based on your interest in each topic. Each hike lasts at least 2 hours and each will increase your connection with the natural world. The fees are listed on the check out page. The hikes are:

  1. Find and Observe Birds in the Ozarks.
  2. Find Animal Tracks and Signs.
  3. Orienteer with a Compass.
  4. Search for Creatures of the Night.

Each hike includes the following practices, plus the theme-specific activities:

  1. Practicing the art and science of being quiet in the woods and improve your odds of seeing and hearing animals in their habitat.
  2. Using your sense of touch to compare and contrast the texture of leaves, rocks, and other natural materials and use that information to tell their story.
  3. Improving your ability to discover by sight, using the practices of “side-sighting” and “still and motion discernment.”
  4. Learning how to identify poison ivy and the plants that look similar to it, so that you can identify it in all four seasons.
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Close up view of blue bird sitting on branch in tree

Find and Observe Birds in the Ozarks

Cost: $50.00

As we hike through the woodlands, you will:

  1. Learn the art of pishing, which is attracting birds using sounds you make with your mouth.
  2. Listen and learn characteristic bird calls of the woodlands.
  3. Learn how to imitate the calls of at least three birds.
  4. Use binoculars to improve our chances of observing birds. (You can bring your own!)
Animal tracks in the sand surrounded by dead leaves

Find Animal Tracks and Signs

Cost: $50.00

As we hike through the woodlands, you will:

  1. Find and identify at least 10 different animal signs: footprints, animal dens or nests (active or inactive), scat (poop), body parts, galls, colonies, eggs, egg cases, scrapes, rubs, or other evidence of animal presence and activity. We follow the guideline of “take only pictures, leave only footprints,” bring your cell phone and/or camera!
  2. Share what you know, and we’ll share what we know. We have a library of reference materials, hand lenses, a compound and a dissecting microscope for your use, although we do not dissect animals.
Close up view of man holding a compass with green grass in background

Orienteer with a Compass

Cost: $50.00

As we hike through the woodlands, you will:

  1. Learn the parts of the — compass.
  2. Learn and practice how to find the four cardinal directions using the compass.
  3. Learn how to use the compass to set a bearing and follow it in the forest.
  4. Use the compass to follow a set of bearings to find treasures hidden in the forest.
Exterior view of the cabin standing on the deck looking out to the river, trees and setting sun

Search for Creatures of the Night

Cost: $50.00

As we hike in the woodlands at night, you will:

  1. Learn how to increase your ability to hear animals that you cannot see and also increase your ability to hear all the time.
  2. Identify some of the native nocturnal animals of the Ozarks, including but not limited to: three different native owls, the difference between the call of the Whip-poor-will and the Chuck-wills-widow, several frogs and toads (in season), several insects (in season). Whatever we discover, we’ll investigate!
  3. Increase your ability to see in the dark, practice that ability and know why it happens.
  4. Learn and practice the calls of the three native owls that we might come in contact with. (it’s a hoot!)
Burning camp fire at night roasting two marshmallows on a metal stick

Evening S’more Service

Cost: $5 per person

Delight your taste buds with:

  • ”The Classic” – Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate, and Marshmallow
  • “The Nutty Buddy” – Graham Cracker, Peanut Butter Cup, and Marshmallow
  • “The Grasshopper” – Graham Cracker, Peppermint Patty, and Marshmallow
  • “Mexican Hot Cocoa” – Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.

If you try hard enough, you can sample them all and pick your favorite!

Stacked fresh green, purple, red, and yellow vegetables

BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)

Cost: $25 per day

When you’re at a Bed and Breakfast, what do you do for lunch and dinner, especially when it’s in the middle of the woods? You could go out to eat and that’s a treat for sure but, here is another option! If you would rather spend the time at the cabin next to the river, bring your groceries and prepare your lunch and dinner in our fully stocked kitchen. Fix your lunch and dinner exactly the way that you want! Just clean up after yourself, leaving the kitchen as clean as you found it. We have a dishwasher and a double sink, so you can use the machine or hand wash and dry the dishes, just like the old days! The charge for this is $25.00/day for one or two meals.

Just so you know, we charge the $25.00 to cover the cost of the utilities and the use and replacement of our fully stocked kitchen.

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