Little Niangua Nature Cabin

Man with gray jacket standing with lady with red sweater and boy with dark gray button up shirt near trees and bushes with no leaves

Meet Your Hosts

Discover the wonders of the natural world during getaways at Little Niangua Nature Cabin in the Missouri Ozark region. Your hosts at this unique woodland B&B are enthusiastic about sharing their extensive knowledge of the outdoors with their guests.

Carl brings his twenty years of experiences as a middle school science teacher, as well as ten years as an interpretive naturalist at the Outdoor School for Kansas City Parks and Recreation, and three years as coordinator of the Nocturnal Safari Program at the Kansas City Zoo, to the bed and breakfast. He is happily married to his wife, Marci, has three grown children, a beautiful, intelligent red-headed granddaughter, and an 12-year-old son named Nicolas.

Carl, Marci, and Nicolas are the members of the Missouri Stream Team #5578, the “Little Niangua Waders.” Each of them likes to spend time playing, swimming, and wading in the river, even when they’re not monitoring the water quality for a report!

Appreciating nature and realizing the different parts that we play within it are crucial to living with nature. Its living and non-living members need us to observe and partner with them in order to preserve them. It is in our own best interest to do so. After all, when you play ball with nature, we must remember that nature always bats last.

In order to be more of a natural partner with nature, Carl will help you to increase the capacity of your senses. First, learn how to be quiet and blend into the natural world around you. Next, improve your ability to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste. Sometimes, we also encounter another sense, what some call a “sixth sense,” a special awakening of how we fit into the natural world.

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